Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tiff's on Tour!

Tiffany Mandrake is proud to announce she is currently on tour. Catch her in depth interviews at
Saturday 21 February BJ Cullen – The Writing Life Blog
Sunday 22 February Sally Murphy’s Writing for Children Blog
Monday 23 February Robyn Opie ‘s Writing Children’s Books Blog
Tuesday 24 February Let’s have Words
Wednesday 25 February Dee Scribe Writing Blog

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who is Tiffany Mandrake? FAQ

Q. Who is Tiffany Mandrake?

A. That would be me, author of the Little Horrors series.

Q. What's your real name?

A. Tiffany Mandrake.

Q. Who named you that?

A. I did.

Q. Why?

A. 'cos I liked it. Tiffany means lots of things, mostly swish and pretty. Mandrake is a nice sinister plant. It yells when you dig it up. It also puts me in the middle of the alphabet. I like that.

Q. How old are you?

A. Permanently 37.

Q. Are you married?

A. I doubt it. It's not that no man would have me, but I'd have no man.

Q. Do you have a cat?

A. Yes. Her name is Speedwell, and she's a sphinx cat.

Q. What colour is your hair?

A. Brown.

Q. Where do you live?

A. In a creepy cosy cottage in the grounds of Hags' Abademy.

Q. Do you have a web page?

A. I'm about to move into an annex. That is, I plan to freeload on a distant relative's page. I haven't told her yet.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

About Tiffany Mandrake

Let's get things straight right away. I am not fairy breed myself. I would have no objection to being fairy breed, but I am, alas, wholly human. Many of my friends are bad fairies, however, especially since I took up a situation as biographer to the pupils of Hags' Abademy of Badness.

Should you choose to visit this blog, you should take the precaution of swallowing a pinch os parsley beforehand. Parsley is a sovereign remedy against indigestion. Would I lie to you?

And what will you see if you visit? Who can say? Flower facts, fairy facts, recipes and remedies, reviews and rants, rhymes and riddles. And sometimes you'll find a journal of my doings.

Would I lie to you?